zalpicZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY, the creative zone of Fumico Azuma and Tim Can.

Art, music, photography, film, life.

Right now, we live in Hastings, England again. We left Berlin on 4th November 2015 after two and a half years of … stuff. Two exhibitions and two gigs, a few short films (look at the FILM page) and not too much else. Not wanting to go through a third winter, we decided it was time to leave techno town. Berlin had felt like a good idea at the time, maybe it was a good idea but one word lingered in our minds more than others, disappointing. We packed up and dragged our selected bits of rubbish to the airport. Before Berlin, we‘d been living on the Greek Island of Naxos for six months. A four year stint in Tokyo preceded that, we left there in September 2012. Something of a trip, but Japan was not where it started. Fumico started there, born in Tokyo, had a vision to go to Africa, got as far as Spain.

ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY began in Barcelona, at least in the destiny sense of it all. 12th October 1999, a Tuesday, at about 9 oclock.  Fumico  met Tim, from London, on a facts avoidance mission . In practice, Doctor Zuzushii Monkey made the first moves. A music/performance trio. Doctor Oriol Sanchez, Zuzushii Fumico and Monkey Tim. In later years and without the Doctor, the duo of ZUZUSHIIMONKEY went forth and still continue to perform operations. Take a look at the ZUZUSHIIMONKEY page for info and films.

Anyhow, it was not until 2010 that the actual name, ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY, the painted sign and the physical space it gave notice to came into existence. Along with it’s Pesetas, Barcelona had passed into zuzushii history. Through Bali, back to Spain, on to London. At the end of 2008 Fumico had to return to Tokyo. Tim moved there at the beginning of 2009.


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