A mix of short film projects. Most focus on our art, some are just films in their own right. Other films can be seen on the NAXOS page.


An eratic road trip with Stefan Sanchez, edited from super 8 footage shot in Spain, 1994.


What does it all mean? I haven‘t worked that out yet.


ZUTOPIA. 2019.

Beached. Featuring resent work and the new studio, as of Summer 2018.

White Rock. The second film to come out of Hastings.

Out Side In. The first of the Hastings films. The work comes to the surface.

The End. The end of our time in Berlin. The art works featured, many in and around the old Tempelhof airport, where left as seen. Are they still there now? Probably not.

Berlin Approximately. By Tim. BERLIN, because filmed in Berlin. APPROXIMATELY, because it feels appropriate. Maybe at a later stage I’ll explain the finer details of our caravan life in the famous walled city that no longer has a wall. For the time being, look at this.

SIKI SOKU ZE KU. Part one. WINDOWS. By Fumico Azuma. Life exists as a series of phenomena in constant change, nothing is forever, it cannot be held. Filmed in Berlin.

TICK. By Tim Can. Inspired by a ticking clock, what more can be said?

DROP. By Tim Can. Berlin, Autumn, 2014. Filmed close to home, together with insect friend.

BLIP. By Tim Can. Filmed in Berlin, 2014. Music by m.o.n.o. It could be about lots of things, on the other hand …

Energy, Options, Opinions. A film in two parts produced by Fumico, inspired by events at Fukushima in Japan.


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