This page will be an expanding junction, directions that we haven’t nailed down to the ART, PHOTO, FILM or ZUZUSHIIMONKEY pages. Soundtracks, collaborations, functional art, whatever. Having said that, a few of the following films do crop up on other pages where appropriate.

The World Is Sound.

This project has gathered dust since 2013, for no real good reason. Put together with the fluxus artist resident on Naxos, Klaus Pfeiffer, things started well and then went a little off the rails. Perhaps a few years allows the psychological dust to settle.

Dead Children.

A film by Fumico, shown as part of an installation at Club Der Polnischen Versager, Berlin. High-lighting the life threatening results of the Fukushima disaster on children.

Lamps and lighting. Made from the usual mix of materials.




366. Photo project by Tim.

366. Shown in three parts. Essentially a photography project, by Tim, using the mini camera described in the PHOTO page. Selecting an image everyday, for one year and a day, manipulated to lesser or greater degrees, depending on the moment, a series of moments. The mundane, death, abstract. Times of boredom, strangers on platforms, different countries. The music is by M.O.N.O. (Museum of Noise Operations), Tim’s solo sound work. It uses, though not entirely, field recordings made during the same time period. Not every picture is a gem, maybe none of them are, but the point is not always at the sharp end. There’s also some writing. Notes, thoughts, call them what you want. Written alongside, though less in number.

Walking in Tokyo hell summer streets, through the after-burn of air conditioners, spewing out, filling the air, soaking my back. Searching for the shadows just a little less intense, aching for a breeze, praying for autumn. Tokyo hell summer streets.

A desire to look absurdly innocent, pretty and all things pastel sweet. The safe society, so safe that practically everywhere else appears not to be. No sharp edges, signs of emotion out of place, polite and wrapped in plastic. I’m in a strange town, fluffy bread and uniforms, fixations on hair, new shabby clothes from clean shops. Public ashtrays.

Good to hear the sound of rain again, maybe more than three weeks without a drop. Okay, so maybe I’m taking cover, wet shoes, wet trousers, but it’s good all the same. I’m back in that Saginomiya, crows, semi and the pitter patter of rain. The waiting game, relaxing my disguise to the music of so many moments, forty five years of them. Perhaps it’s the same rain, all one big moment. Everything, everywhere, all happening now.

If you turn on the light and look into where the shadows were, you can still see small pieces of the country that had nothing, not a long time ago.

ZUZUSHII ART GUERRILLA (ZAG). A group of artists under the umbrella of ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY. Two events took place, one at the Kisimozin temple in Zoshigaya, Tokyo, August 2011. The other at a disused school nearby, shown in the film below.

Here’s one part of a documentary by Alex Zdan, about the artist Klaus Pfeiffer. Environmental, ecological, the sentiments are all in the right places. ZUZUSHIIMONKEY did some of the sound track, which is the reason it’s here. Alex also made the ZUZUSHIIMONKEY film, Bon Voyage, as on the ZUZUSHIIMONKEY page.

Another ZUZUSHIIMONKEY sound track. Photographer El-Branden Brazil, devoted campaigner for the freedom of Burma, took many of the stills and put the film together.


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