5 thoughts on “The End.

    1. zuzushiiartlaboratory Post author

      Hello there,
      good to hear from you. Where next? Well, right now next is Hastings, by the sea, famous for one eyed kings, fish and chips and … there must be something else, but who cares? You hope Tokyo, well, if Fumico fails to get her visa that might be exactly where we‘ll end up, again. Will keep you informed. How‘s life at your end? But please spare me the intimate details. Good cheer from us, Tim and Fumico XX

      1. El-Branden Brazil

        Fantastic to hear from you! You have my deepest sympathy that you have ended up in Hastings. My brother and father were born there. I was born up the road in Eastbourne. Frankly, Sussex depresses me immensely! But, the one-eyed seagull is quite an attraction, especially in light of King Harold. Sussex irony at its best.

        We are fine. Miwa and I designed and built a house, which we have enjoyed living in over the past year. I am still plugging ahead with my photography, but still need to teach English to provide morsels to survive.

        Please come back to Japan! You’re missed!

      2. zuzushiiartlaboratory Post author

        Hello to you both,
        good to hear from you two, too. Well, Hastings, you clearly know the scene. Windy and a bit wet. But, Berlin was not the place to be, or at least to stay any longer. Some good stuff but not enough, and another winter there felt a bit much, especially since home was a caravan, will tell you the full story some day. Back to Japan is a question mark, a lot depends on the Fumico visa outcome. Quite a lot stress related with that to be honest, not really a game a like playing. Plug on with the photography, you only fail if you give up, I have to tell myself that as much as you. Anyhow, one of these days we‘ll have a good chin wag in the flesh, none of this techno rubbish. Hope you‘re still doing the fetish dancing.
        Tim and Fumico XX

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