A small preview of work destined for the PROVOCATIVE CREATIONS exhibition in July. Full details bellow.


presented by the

The workshop of Fumico Azuma – Japan. And Tim Can – UK.

At The Duke, 125 Creek Road, London SE8 3BU.
Private view – Thurs. 6th July – 6pm. Exhibition ends 31st July.

Another exhibition, demonstrating the mutual influence, distain and blend of geographically opposed cultures, added to by nearly two decades of a mixed media path together.

From within the Arctic circle, through Europe and Asia. A recycled, found object, multinational journey of Installations, exhibitions, commissions and life.

This nomadic and utilitarian existence has refined, sharpened and given form to views of this world. Whether we use or abuse, we are all responsible for what we touch, have touched, what we will go on to touch. A respect for the human spirit, a passion for the present and future, without neglecting the past.

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