This is a work in progress, a project that we hope to have exhibited at The Shipwreck Museum in Hastings at some point in 2018, we are in negotiation.
The central focus is obviously the ocean, that is to say, oceans in general and the continual influence that humans have on them. What we have taken and what we have given in return, including the environmental consequences. If the seas could talk, what would they say?
The art will be contemporary, using a historical narrative and also put together to provoke thoughts on where this interaction between us and the depths could lead.
Work will largely consist of 2 and 2D mixed media collage as well as film and audio pieces, some already in the making with others planned. Updates will be made to this page as and when things progress.

What follows are examples of work touching on various aspects of the overall theme.





Beached. A short film, giving an insight into how we approach work in general. Art featured is not necessarily aimed at being part off the proposed exhibition.


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