ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY,  Friday 1st November.

Desierto En Tu Mente (Desert in your mind), by Marta Grimalt Canals. A surrealistic super 8 black and white road movie, filmed around California, Mallorca and Barcelona. It‘s her first full length movie (1h 2min), where the sound and music also have lot of importance. Primo Gabbiano composed most of the soundtrack, and other artists collaborated, like Arturo Lanz (Esplendor Geométrico member), Fawns of Love (Shoegaze, a band from California), Heaven Pegasus (artist based in LA) and others. Cristian Robles also features as the graphic artist of the movie.

Other short films and mini docs will also be shown. Doors open 7.30, £5 entry.

A varied mix of visual delights, come and enjoy.


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