The Future Is Here.

Three recent pieces from Tim, featured in the current PREMONITIONS exhibition.



2 thoughts on “The Future Is Here.

  1. Marguerite

    I pass your display everyday. In case you are interested in purchasing an incredible ladies Royal Blue Suit made entirely out of RECYCLED plastic bags, let me know. I lived 7 years in Singapore and and invested in it (S$380) because it is so innovative over there. I will obviously consider an offer. It also fits any sized person, never needs ironing, dip cleans..dries in no time and is so soft and comfortable. I work on the Pier doing REFLEXOLOGY at The Caring Place. I have it there.

    1. zuzushiiartlaboratory Post author

      Hello Marguerite. Thanks for the message and the offer of your blue plastic suit, sounds interesting and right up our street, but we don‘t really have the spare cash – that‘s probably part of the reason we do what we do. It‘s good of you to think of us. Thanks again, Tim and Fumico.


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