Photohastings exhibition.

Image : Clare Hocter “We Baked All Our Own Bread” 
                           (one mischief always introduces another)…
Photohastings season of photography 2020

Zuzushii Gallery

A collaborative show
Josie Barnes—Alex Brattell—Sinéid Codd—Chris Coombes
—Derek Cottrell—Roz Cran—Frank Francis—Sharon Haward—
Clare Hocter—Roger Hopgood—Lauris Morgan-Griffiths—Ian O’Leary
—Katie Redfern—Giles Stokoe—Nicole Zaaroura—

Opening Saturday 24th October 2020 at 12 noon
Please come along in the afternoon, we will not be staging a
preview event but will welcome you between 12pm – 5pm
(with the understood spacing)                                   
This four-week Photohastings show, “We Baked All Our Own Bread” (one mischief always leads to another), is a group show of photographs, taken during and subsequent to, the lockdown earlier this year. The title references the book by Daniel Defoe, ‘A Journal of the Plague Year’, published in 1722.
It is a fictionalised account of one man’s experiences of the Great Plague in the city of London in the year 1665. Although written nearly one hundred years after the plague it is pertinent to the situation that we find ourselves in today.

With regard to the ordinary people at that time Defoe wrote,” Where they could get employment they pushed into any kind of business, the most dangerous and the most liable to infection; and if they were spoken to, their answer would be, ‘I must trust to God for that; if I am taken, then I am provided for, and there is an end of me’, and the like. Or thus, ‘Why, what must I do? I can’t starve. I had as good have the plague as perish for want. I have no work; what could I do? I must do this or beg.”
Shades of our present day peril

The work in this show has been made away from the general hubbub of the pandemic; whilst the practitioners involved were isolated but driven by the need to create. What is pertinent here is that the work is often reflective, in some cases indicative of open-ended review of an open-ended situation. We now have a history of the modern pandemic to study and more difficulties ahead. What we can be certain of is that the need to communicate and to converse using the vocabulary of the photographic image endures.
 Zuzushii gallery
October 24th to November 20th
Open: Wednesday to Sunday inclusive
10am to 5pm
Zuzushii gallery, 26 White Rock, Hastings.  TN34 1JY

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