Inspiral, an exhibition on a theme of static motion, an installation in shape and sound. A minimal world of multiple dimensions from the mind of Japanese artist Fumico Azuma. It‘s an exploration into the notion of perpetual movement through the use of static material. Using plywood, cut, hung and pulled away from flat surfaces into three dimensional forms where the space between becomes just as significant as that which is filled. Simple in concept, though far from simplistic, it draws you into a depth of spacial awareness where your own movement governs how the work is experienced. In conjunction with projections and the in house sound collage of ZUZUSHII MONKEY, this is unlike any other body of work you‘ll see in Hastings. 


26 White Rock, Hastings, TN34 1JY.

Exhibition runs from Sunday 26th September till Sunday 17th October.

Private view Saturday 2nd October, 12 till 6 pm.

Gallery opening times Wednesday to Sunday, 10 till 5.


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