2021 Post Analogue Review

The 20201 Post Analogue Review.

Creative re-evaluations of technology.

ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY, 26 White Rock, Hastings, TN34 1JY.

Private view Saturday 4th December, 2 till 7pm. Featuring live music and spoken word from ZUZUSHII MONKEY and Yair Katz.

A mixed media group show, including visual art, installation, film, sculpture, creative writing and performance. Interpretations, opinions and insights stemming from thoughts on our post analogue age. Historical, prophetic, poetic, the visions are wide and multi-dimensional. Come and be a part of here and maybe now, there and possibly then, and what might happen next.  

Participating artists.

Fumico Azuma, Tim Can, Kathleen Fox, HGS, Simon Lister, Peter Quinnell, Jason Williams, Chris Wooley.

running from 4th to 24th December. Normal opening times – Wednesday to Sunday – 10 till 5pm.

There will also be a sound event on Sunday 19th December, 2 till 6pm. Featuring some of the above artists and others.


1 thought on “2021 Post Analogue Review

  1. gailborrow

    Hello Tim and Fumico,

    Huge New Year Hugs to you both. Hope your recent impressive endeavours have been roaring successes – I’m sure they would have been- and looking forward to a big catch up and lots of glorious plotting and planning for 2022. I am ready!!!!!

    See very soon,




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