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tragoblog.jpgLike it says, new art from the art laboratory goes up at Whistle Trago in The Old Town. Previous exhibitions there have proved successful, so if you find yourself in the area, drop in. Open everyday from afternoon till night, have a drink, a bite to eat and take away a piece of another world. This collection of 3D constructions will evolve over a period of time as more work comes through, it‘s for an unknown length of time, a semi-permanent installation. Look at the ART GALLERY page to preview some of the works.


TRAGO-MAGO at Whistle Trago


FRIDAY 1st SEPTEMBER. AT WHISTLE TRAGO, George Street, Hastings. An evening not to be missed by anyone in their right mind, and anyone in their left mind will also find it quite a treat. Experimental and wonky beats, good for nothing words and visuals, who could ask for more?