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Functional Dysfunctional

Lamps made from household utensils, musical instruments from junk, objects with a previous life serving a new purpose. Or maybe something that looks as though it does something but in actual fact, does nothing at all. Clothing, accessories or even games made from unlikely materials, there‘s a wide range in this one. The collection will be added to over the period of the show, so one visit will probably not be enough. Exhibition opens Saturday 15th Feb but …..

Private view on Saturday 22nd of Feb, 3pm till 7pm. All most welcome. This is where ZUZUSHII hits lifestyle, you need to see, touch and feel.




PLANET PLASTIC, the all eco exhibition at the ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY. Private view Saturday 18th January from 3pm till 7pm. A thought and conscience provoking collection of mixed media art, up until Saturday 8th February. The contributing artists are Fumico Azuma, Tim Can, Sean Duggan, Ruth Gregory, Emma Harding, Sarah Gomes Harris, Sheffa Katz and Stella Starr.


Asylum 26


Asylum 26 at The ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY. 26 White Rock, Hastings TN34 1JY.

Thursday 5th December. Doors open 7.30. £3 entry.

Another mish mash evening of eclectic cabaret. Sound performances from Simon and the Pope (confessions not included), ZUZUSHIIMONKEY (on loan from the Tokyo zoo) – wordsmith Good For Nothing Poet ( judge for yourself) – short film from Michael Smith (better than Brown Ale), and…in case you didn‘t see him the last time, you won‘t see him again, a guest appearance from The Invisible Man.



Introducing the ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY winter collection, on until Christmas eve with selected pieces on special offer. Private view Saturday 17th November at 6.30, all are welcome. Contributing artists – Fumico Azuma, Paula Bergin, Tim Can, Tim Riddihough and Peter Quinnell. Other artists will be adding to the show as we go along.






ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY,  Friday 1st November.

Desierto En Tu Mente (Desert in your mind), by Marta Grimalt Canals. A surrealistic super 8 black and white road movie, filmed around California, Mallorca and Barcelona. It‘s her first full length movie (1h 2min), where the sound and music also have lot of importance. Primo Gabbiano composed most of the soundtrack, and other artists collaborated, like Arturo Lanz (Esplendor Geométrico member), Fawns of Love (Shoegaze, a band from California), Heaven Pegasus (artist based in LA) and others. Cristian Robles also features as the graphic artist of the movie.

Other short films and mini docs will also be shown. Doors open 7.30, £5 entry.

A varied mix of visual delights, come and enjoy.




An exhibition of Erotic Art, Saturday 19th October to Sat 2nd November –

at  ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY, 26 White Rock, Hastings TN34 1JY.

A compelling mix of styles on one theme and one theme only, unsuitable for minors.

Private view Saturday 19th October, 6.30 to 9.30 – Including a live performance by Jill Rock together with ZUZUSHIIMONKEY

2 and 3D visual art by Julia Andrews, Fumico Azuma, Tim Can, Sean Duggan, Vanessa Farinha, Katherine Fox, Chris Milton, Peter Quinnell, Jill Rock, Jo Welsh and Jason Williams.


19th copy copy.jpg

ASYLUM 26 – experiments in sound at the ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY, 26 White Rock, Hastings TN34 1JY.

THURSDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER, that‘s next Thursday! 7.30, the medication begins. £3 on the door.

Including ZUZUSHIIMONKEY (theremins going ape), Simon And The Pope (as banned by the Vatican), Ted Versicolor (with his magic stick) and all of the above (or to the left) bashing and mashing it out together. If you‘re only even half mad, it‘s right up your alley!




An exploration into the life and works of Russian, absurdist writer Daniil Kharms (1905-1942). Interpretations through sounds, words and visual art.

Angry, frustrated, analytical and satirical, but always in awe of the absurd manifestation we call human society, the works of Daniil Kharms (1905-1942, Russia) bring to the front of our collective consciousness a final, desperate image of the human condition: a well-oiled machine driving insatiably towards the edge of oblivion. Daniil Kharm’s reality is filled with the intricate observations of men and women struggling to grasp the logic of their predicaments. Failed by the tools of reason and the grace of government they find salvation in the absurd. With it’s incisive irony and bitter-sweet satire the absurd has the power to make sense of the last vestiges of humanity, where everything else has failed.

Interestingly enough, it is a way of seeing the world that is at least as relevant today as it was in Soviet-era Russia. In a society obsessed with its own self-importance, Daniil Kharms’s words resonate with ever more insight as we struggle to come to terms with our own delusional predicament. In Kharms Way presents a snapshot of this reality, animated and shot into the present via the eager, intense vocalisation, saxophone playing and puppetry of Ted Milton and Sam Britton’s deconstructed, rewired laptop computer.

ZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY, the long time creative workshop of Fumico Azuma and Tim Can. Found objects and a conscience feed two and three dimensional constructions, illustrations from the box of humanity. Utilitarian, provoking and open to interpretation. Poignant and darkly comical. Various works will be available to view in the main bar and back room gallery space.