tragoblog.jpgZUZUSHII ART LABORATORY has it‘s first Hastings show of art since setting up camp. In the heart of Old Town at the Whistle Trago, 26 George Street. The opening night on Wednesday 13th July will feature a screening of short films produced by the lab, including their most recent mini flick, see below. So, come along and have a glass of art and a view into the multi dimensional world of Fumico Azuma and Tim Can.





Hastings recently saw ZUZUSHIIMONKEY arrive in town, and with any luck, we‘ll be here for a while. Here‘s a little taster of what may happen.

Hastings has arrived.

New works are coming out of the lab, Hastings providing us with the bits and pieces. Cardboard has become a direction, cheap and handy if you put your mind and imagination to it. There‘s the other bits as well, have a look at the ART GALLERY  for more.

By Fumico and made in Hastings.

hastings f1

Two details of the same piece entitled EU.



And three more to think about. Entitled,

  1. Hole.
  2. Hannya shinkyo.
  3. Authority.


And some from Tim.


  1. The rule of history.
  2. Spring.


  1. Disposed.
  2. One becomes six.
  3. Our mutual friend.

Special offer!

The LAB is on the move again and this could be your lucky day, we’re selling up. For our Berlin home, offers start at 3,000 euros. Take a look at the little flick and if you’re interested, get in touch for more details. Close to Tempelhof park and Hermannstrasse U and S Bahn stations.




OPEN MONDAY TO SATURDAY FROM 8PM TO AROUND MIDNIGHT. CLOSED SUNDAYS.       To visit outside of these times is possible, but you’ll have to get in touch with us first.  

Yes, it’s an exhibition, of art and light. For those who don’t know, HEULEN is German for ‘howl’, or at least we hope it is and it’s at something of a Polish hangout, if that is an incentive. Opening party on Saturday 9th May, 7PM, but maybe you can figure that one out on your own. All are welcome. It’ll be a mix of stuff, 2 and 3D mixed media collage, box art, with any luck some projections and also lighting things we’ve constructed from the usual junk. There is no one theme exactly, though all the topics that are covered can be seen as interconnected. Fukushima is in there, world hunger and conflict. The human condition, humanity, greed, power and perhaps a little pity, at least for those who are on the receiving end. None of it is cute, there’re are no photos of puppy dogs, but there will be one of a baby. Come and see for yourself, bring friends, we hope you do.