This is a work in progress, a project that we hope to have exhibited at The Shipwreck Museum in Hastings at some point in 2018, we are in negotiation.
The central focus is obviously the ocean, that is to say, oceans in general and the continual influence that humans have on them. What we have taken and what we have given in return, including the environmental consequences. If the seas could talk, what would they say?
The art will be contemporary, using a historical narrative and also put together to provoke thoughts on where this interaction between us and the depths could lead.
Work will largely consist of 2 and 2D mixed media collage as well as film and audio pieces, some already in the making with others planned. Updates will be made to this page as and when things progress.

What follows are examples of work touching on various aspects of the overall theme.





Beached. A short film, giving an insight into how we approach work in general. Art featured is not necessarily aimed at being part off the proposed exhibition.


open.jpgNot exactly part of the famed Coastal Currents Festival, but certainly in sympathy. Our very own open studio runs along with many others, so there’s no reason to miss out. If The Beacon is on your tour, we’re just a short walk down those Whistlers Steps, cross over the road then down on the left. Come along and see what the Lab’s been up to.

Have a preview, look at THE GALLERY, NAXOS and ZUZUSHIIMONKEY pages.


We‘ve been building, that‘s all you need to know, the gritty details may as well be trodden into the mud. The ZUZUSHII ART LAB has relocated from White Rock, to our back garden. So, now that‘s been done, we can get back to making the cheerfully morbid stuff. Maybe I‘ll stick some other photos on at some point, but these‘ll do for now. On the left – was. On the right – now. PS, some new photography has been added to the PHOTO GALLERY.studio.jpg

Even More Sheared Wit – KINO



The return of Sheared Wit – Another eclectic mix of film, music, spoken word and poetry from the Weird Shit basement at Borough Wines.

Introducing APE ENGINE, the audio umbrella of ZUZUSHIIMONKEY, Simon and the Pope, Good For Nothing Poet, and a whole lot more. Other acts include Gareth E Rees, Michael Smith, Jizz & Australian Testing Labs.


tragoblog.jpgLike it says, new art from the art laboratory goes up at Whistle Trago in The Old Town. Previous exhibitions there have proved successful, so if you find yourself in the area, drop in. Open everyday from afternoon till night, have a drink, a bite to eat and take away a piece of another world. This collection of 3D constructions will evolve over a period of time as more work comes through, it‘s for an unknown length of time, a semi-permanent installation. Look at the ART GALLERY page to preview some of the works.

TRAGO-MAGO at Whistle Trago


FRIDAY 1st SEPTEMBER. AT WHISTLE TRAGO, George Street, Hastings. An evening not to be missed by anyone in their right mind, and anyone in their left mind will also find it quite a treat. Experimental and wonky beats, good for nothing words and visuals, who could ask for more?



A small preview of work destined for the PROVOCATIVE CREATIONS exhibition in July. Full details bellow.


presented by the

The workshop of Fumico Azuma – Japan. And Tim Can – UK.

At The Duke, 125 Creek Road, London SE8 3BU.
Private view – Thurs. 6th July – 6pm. Exhibition ends 31st July.

Another exhibition, demonstrating the mutual influence, distain and blend of geographically opposed cultures, added to by nearly two decades of a mixed media path together.

From within the Arctic circle, through Europe and Asia. A recycled, found object, multinational journey of Installations, exhibitions, commissions and life.

This nomadic and utilitarian existence has refined, sharpened and given form to views of this world. Whether we use or abuse, we are all responsible for what we touch, have touched, what we will go on to touch. A respect for the human spirit, a passion for the present and future, without neglecting the past.

For purchases  http://www.visionaryartspromotions.com/zuzushiiartlaboratory